BULLYING and territorial behaviour

Toronto Canada Amateur Ham Radio Operators - disgraceful bullying and territorial behavior

Toronto FM Communications ABUSIVE Society - Amateur Radio Club Harassment

If you are here because of the many abusive complaints. Please read the articles below and we will contact you later about the hams

About the :  Toronto FM Communications ABUSIVE Society

the group.

Thanks to TFMCS ABUSE Toronto FM Communications ABUSIVE Society repeaters  444.400 +5 Toronto, CANADA

In Toronto Canada we have someone playing recordings of callsign(s) on the repeaters .... please ignore or contact someone with details about this obsessed person.     If you hear abuses please log the details (callsign/name) of the loud mouth that is using the repeater before or after and contact us here.

EXAMPLE Listen  :    Amateur Radio Toronto Canada - ABUSIVE AUDIO

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Anonymous said...

many of us know about all these individuals, Recent - some are talking about this "bar-net" .... what a fuking joke - a disgrace !

Anonymous said...

REMOVE FROM - YARC - 2016-2017 Board of Directors
York Region Amateur Radio Club - Vice-President - John Leonardelli VE3IPS

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