BULLYING and territorial behaviour

Toronto Canada Amateur Ham Radio Operators - disgraceful bullying and territorial behavior

Who is the leader of TFMCS Repeater

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Paul the ve3ku guy from the Toronto TFMCS 444.400 is weilding his big stick to only have paying TFM users on Tower. Others are bully off the air. He also is keeping the jevohah witnesses off RPT. It's an open repeater and TFM is supposed to play nice but as we all know they dont. It's a sham and a sad way of ham radio. Vote him out of the tfm society for his "I run the show" attitude. Does he not understand playing nice ham?


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The TFMCS club for 50+ years was welcoming to amateurs, starting around the time they got help from the oshawa club to start up days before oshawa, however one individual can change the clubs :(

Closing access to an amateur repeater (Private) would be the only thing KU achieved?  He has influenced and destroyed a club joy and health,  we don't believe he is capable of a "closed repeater" club, or he is capable of anything.

Western New York - Southern Ontario Repeater Council - Coordinating Frequencies for 28 - 1300 MHz FM and MultiMode Repeater Systems

Sad there goes the funding for the club, if any hopes. Omg.

CN TOWER to remove amateur radio repeater

What would the current Club President say or do you ask ? Read use the link below.
TFMCS Toronto FM Communications Society Amateur Radio Club
The Leader Henry Blais, VE3HJL of TFMCS.org. Toronto FM Communications Society

The best thing he can do, please, please.
Our group thanks you


Anonymous said...

Who is this Toronto HAM because this seems to be a disappointment. It may be time to remove him from the cancer he brings to amateur radio. Other clubs in Ontario are aware of the abuse.

Johnny Peppercorn said...

The racist tapes are coming from inside the repeater room on the cn tower. Check the visitation logs to see who is changing the tapes? That's why industry canada can't get a bearing on the signals .... hard wired into the repeater stack. Maybe using FRS as well to do this hateful and illegal activity. Did the TFM board sanction this decision as they are fully accountable?

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