BULLYING and territorial behaviour

Toronto Canada Amateur Ham Radio Operators - disgraceful bullying and territorial behavior

TFMCS Replace the incompetence club leadership

Replace the incompetence club leadership of the TFMCS club
We understand by removing the incompetent TFMCS leadership from the Amateur Radio club TFMCS will stop the attacks, recordings, racist, the disgrace of the - TFMCS - Toronto FM Communications Society, the Amateur Radio Club VE3TWR 444.400 Racist in Toronto CANADA

The history of this amateur radio club, the disgrace with the recent leadership.

Who is promoting Unauthorized RACIST recording over the repeaters.

The cancer in the club, the toxic members needs to be removed !!! : 

Paul Edward Briscoe VE3KU VE3GPB

the disgrace of the - TFMCS - 
Toronto FM Communications Society
Amateur Radio Club

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Toronto fm Communications Society needs RALPH to return

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Anonymous said...

The new cb guys are using the club now, remove Paul Edward Briscoe VE3KU VE3GPB replace him.

Anonymous said...

Why is everyone on this repeater keep telling their life story over and over, who cares. One guy is always talking about his shitty job at the CBC, having that whinny voice. Does anyone care about his sad and lonely life.

Anonymous said...

Why has tfmcs not removed him? He is very condescening and roode to many hams with his bad opinions. Check his blog as he seems to be angry with everyone. Seems the tfm club has less membefs than when the new guys showed up. 10 yrs ago tfm was great now its garbage. He was fired from cbc for incompetence and then his wife left him.

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