BULLYING and territorial behaviour

Toronto Canada Amateur Ham Radio Operators - disgraceful bullying and territorial behavior


This website is about a hobby called Amateur Radio. A hobby about communication devices like CB citizen band radio or walkie talkie. The communication devices used by many across the city of Toronto And Canada.

First we love this hobby and ashamed of the within.
We should weed out those toxic perpetrator (in the clubs) spreading hatred !

"TFMCS Toronto FM Communications Society" Belligerent repeaters of Abuse

A Systemic problem exist in TFMCS with its members and users  !!
The content within this blog was NOT created by anyone from this blog, it is acquired TOXIC trash that is sent by the perpetrator or buddy group.  obsessed perpetrator(s).

The video/audio within is linked to someone that wasted hours/days/weeks with AUDIO EDITING / AUDIO MANIPULATION and is publicly available on YouTube.   The shame to that person !

This website exist and contains RECEIVED abusive belligerent and threatening content.

We are called "BLACK NIGGER" daily on CANADA repeaters, the RCMP is involved !!!!
Some small minded CBer eh PAUL KU think this is a joke .... Let's all laugh later

The content within are examples of a small group Toronto CANADA that do the following on HAM Radio local repeaters :

This blog exist to highlight and stop the broadcasted repeater disturbance and unauthorized broadcasted recordings.
Listen HERE :  http://hamtoronto.blogspot.com/   or on YOUTUBE

In Toronto Canada we have someone playing recordings of callsign(s) on the repeaters for the last 6 months / Years  .... please ignore or contact someone for details about this obsessed person.     If you hear abuses please log the details (callsign/name) of the loud mouth that is using the repeater before or after and contact us.

and not berating who the vengeance is directed to in the recordings.

We do understand a group of bitter perpetrator Amateur Radio Operators in Toronto Canada are " obsessed " to slander person(s) with bitter accusations and by using edited recordings unauthorized broadcasted played over repeaters.

Because of the incompetence and lack of leadership ability on few Toronto Repeaters ::

TFMCS Toronto FM Communications Society ABUSIVE repeaters
join the TFMCS abusive repeater(s) system with audio recordings.

VE3TWR 444.400 +5  -  disturbance / abuse  Contact :   http://tfmcs.org/about/contact

VE3YYZ 443.050 +5 -  disturbance / abuse  Contact :   http://eraradio.ca/

*** So we need the repeater trustees to SHUT DOWN when the follow happens (example) :: RECORDINGS, disparaging comments, repeater territorial behavior, Abuses, Racist, Slander, Toxic insults, bitter individuals and childish insults.

Please demand someone to be accountable for the Toronto Abuse and not accept whining :

Everything within this website is copied from abusive websites or email abuses received .... It show the BITTER INDIVIDUALS in the hobby.

This website exist and contains RECEIVED abusive belligerent and threatening content.

It now has made a hobby into a toxic bitter cesspool in Toronto Canada !

We are highlighting months and years of abuses within this website.