PAUL BRISCOE VE3KU disgraceful conduct use of gestapo

DMR repeater Toronto CANADA use of "Gestapo" PAUL BRISCOE VE3KU disgraceful conduct. "your conversation"

An open letter to the DMR repeater trustees in TORONTO CANADA

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PAUL BRISCOE VE3KU disgraceful conduct

My drive into the city of Toronto today with Family and Friends in the car Thursday December 22 at 3:00 - 3:30 was received with the conversations similar from the analog repeaters in a typical abusive manor. That ranged from the HAM radio alienating conversations for the hours and his resentment. The eliteness has not been experienced since TFMCS repeater ve3twr ..... at the time thoughts of : "when will his batteries die".

The company in my car was "disgusted" by the repeat reference and use of the word "Gestapo" in his conversation, calling the DMR repeater owner VA3XPR gestapo and based on the etymology of the word it sicken many Jewish people friends. Other emails received that day said it disgusted many individual listening on the DMR repeater and it was typical of hatred from the TFMCS PAUL BRISCOE VE3KU. Is that what we are now on DMR? Is that who we now are? It is abusive from etymology of the word and degrade "Judaism". On DMR the conversation have been recently narcissistic and full of innuendos and negative discussions.

He sound like a smug __ with his comments about "data points"

I DO NOT understand the resentment and why the alienating conversations over the last two weeks since PAUL BRISCOE VE3KU started using DMR. Where is his hatred coming from? Please help me understand the repeated daily abusive use of the word "Gestapo" and his alienating conversations "we are DStar" or "We are analog" innuendos. Why use a system with so much condemn for it.

I fail to understand the hatred and suttle innuendos that have been recent, over the last week or two weeks since PAUL BRISCOE VE3KU started using DMR. Why use DMR if you condemn it and favorable to other modes DStar. As said by many, just because you can get the cheapest DMR radio and bitter that DStar cost more for a radio.

I join the (MARC) Motorola Amateur Radio Club. I do not care who uses what device or mode. I passionately Love this hobby with all my heart, it saddens me what it has become.

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Toronto, CN Tower, Ontario, VE3TWR Repeater use of gestapo PAUL BRISCOE VE3KU disgraceful conduct

VE3KU repeated disparaging abuse
PAUL BRISCOE VE3KU disgraceful conduct
VE3KU repeated disparaging abuses

He seems to be a good writer and story teller, but his blog is filled with so much blatant lies and hatred, is this someone that is representatives of TFMCS and the VE3TWR repeater in Toronto CANADA.

I hope PAUL BRISCOE VE3KU hatred and disparaging may stop


  1. Anonymous02:00

    the former - Sh.tun VE3DSS/VE3KU

  2. Anonymous02:02

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  3. Anonymous02:12

    just received the recent updates, what is the family feeling as he disgrace the call sign? Should we call the family?

    The Sanderson Hour
    Fred Warburton VE3KU suggested the "Sanderson Hour" which it has been known to this day. The job of informal net controller was assumed by Bill

  4. Anonymous02:15

  5. Anonymous02:34

    Paul Briscoe
    Number of years curling: Five
    Favourite part of curling: “The difficulty”

  6. This is disgusting behaviour from a ham who should be a leader not a loser

  7. Anonymous13:24

    he sounds so god damn fake, he knows every thing, and his wisdom, i turn off or change, until one minute radio and he has to get out the car for the curb neighbourhood trash pickup, he drives around picking up trash in the neighbourhood, we saw him going through night trash

  8. Anonymous10:04

    Anonymous said...
    Why has tfmcs not removed him? He is very condescening and roode to many hams with his bad opinions. Check his blog as he seems to be angry with everyone. Seems the tfm club has less membefs than when the new guys showed up. 10 yrs ago tfm was great now its garbage. He was fired from cbc for incompetence and then his wife left him.

  9. Anonymous09:17

    When many smarten up and awaken who is stoking the flames VE3KU in this dark group. The weak minded need group acceptance, it has always been

  10. Anonymous13:33

    Wow, the highlight after a week or more away, On tfm to hear VE3KU [17] cliche in one 10 minute conversation that are so often heard, this same person that is the troll on tfm. for those that do not understand:

    "never hurt to try"
    "there is always one"
    "The time of my life"
    "Time will tell"
    "In the nick of time"
    "Lost track of time"
    "In a jiffy"
    "A waste of time"
    "live and learn"

    turned the RADIO OFF at this point, changed to digi :)
    so happy for fusion


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