John Leonardelli VE3IPS with threatening voice mail messages

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Why is John Leonardelli VE3IPS phoning HAMs home phone number with threatening messages.
MORE :: John Leonardelli VE3IPS with threatening voice mail messages
22:35 · Jul 01, 2017,   - listen to his delusion of grandeur

Voice Audio Mail Messages will be attached ....            has been shared
When return to Toronto we will provided to POLICE           - completed

The two (2) POLICE reports, and police told John Leonardelli VE3IPS twice NOT to contact !

REMOVED   - NO CLUB - is this what your club is about?
REMOVED   - NO CLUB -  John Leonardelli VE3IPS

We think he's a disappointment ! ....... what about you ?
- listen to his delusion of grandeur


  1. Anonymous11:38

    Call the police now or next business day would be my suggestion

  2. Anonymous05:40

    We were listen to VE3IPS dulusion of grandeur on the repeater and got sick then turn off the radio. He seems to be the definition of being insecure

  3. Anonymous06:50

    Johnny Peppercorn said...
    Ever hear this guy on the air? All he talks about is pizza and popeyes chicken and he should take his fat 300 lb body, his cigarettes and his diabetes wheelchair and go play on the york region repeater. No one cares about pizza except him. Tfm should kick him off the repeater and do it now.

  4. Anonymous10:28

    this abusive person
    York Region Amateur Radio Club - Vice-President - John Leonardelli VE3IPS

    ReplyDelete Toronto FM Communications Society is a disgrace / messages are c\p into flat text /