VE3TWR user - Hotspot security password now required when connecting to USA BM Masters


VE3TWR user - Hotspot security password now required when connecting to USA BM Masters

As of 2020 - 2021

I have since spent year(s) highlighting what a city like Toronto Canada and the local Amateur Radio Operators consider a joke. The atrocities that have caused changes across the entire Amateur Radio Communication hobby.

As of 2021

I have communicated with key infrastructure leaders in the Amateur Radio hobby and have impacted across the board changes to security.  Recent changes that involve the mandatory use of passwords to lock-down security.   The follow VE3TWR (Toronto Canada Amateur Radio Operator's)  example of a  group shown within the video.  It has taken years to complete and I have spoken to many individuals.    So now, the Brandmeister Administration Team has implemented on the network the requirement of a password to access every server and reflector as of 2021.

Post Titled ::  An Abomination in HAM RADIO cloning DMR Identification (CCS7) - Paul Edward Briscoe VE3KU VE3GPB      [video example]

Anyone else considers the following video "Coool" if this was done to you ?????   Seems like childish behavior or a child being entertained (disappointing)

Paul Edward Briscoe VE3KU VE3GPB

As the group from VE3TWR (Toronto Canada Amateur Radio Operators)  members said "coool",  is the fraud, cloning of a unique identification of someone?   So now the impact is every user on the Brandmeister network must use a password with hotspots and repeaters.

The 2021 Brandmeister communication is shown at the following :

Toronto Canada Commercial Repeater Frequencies Used by Amateur Radio Operators for Criminal Activity


Toronto CANADA HAM Amateur Radio Jamming :   I Set The Beam Up To Jam DMR
 AN AUDIO of the Amateur Operator  VE3KUU, WILLIAM MARQUIS saying  !!!

It has taken years to impact changes to security that will reduce or eliminate some simple minded individuals as shown above.

This issue saddens me to see the moral and ethical values of others.

search the Amateur Radio Operator (above) details at the Canadian Government website :$.startup

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